Oulu Market Square at the seafront is a popular meeting spot in the city. Market Square is the traditional place for shopping for fresh vegetables, berries as well as food dishes. Also clothes and jewellery are available. In addition, also cafeterias are symbolic for Market Square. If you come early in the morning you may spot the numerous regular customers enjoying their morning cup of coffee and discussing the latest news of the city.

The old granaries at market square have turned into small shops, restaurants and cafes. For more info about the granaries, check out the Market Sq. link in the link bar on the left. 

Oulu Market Hall has been an important part of Market Square for over 100 years. It has a distinctive selection from food products to handicrafts. As in the olden days in front of market hall "The Bobby", the Market square policeman, statue still firmly overlooks the activity at Market Square.

Toripolliisi - "THE BOBBY" STAMP 

Drop your postcard in the post box in Market Hall and get it stamped by the official bobby stamp. Also, just send a card to yourself and you will get a fun souvenir!

M/S Alexandra CRUISES

Lift the anchor and experience the sea, islands and marinas in front of Oulu!
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