Permits on Rotuaari and market square 

The administration of Rotuaari pedestrian mall and market square areas is taken care of by Oulun Liikekeskus ry.

We rent out:
- Market square area
- Market Hall sales booths
- Granaries at market square area
- Rotuaari pedestrian mall area
- Meritulli Guest Marina

Liikekeskus is authorized to collect charges regarding activities at Market square area or Rotuaari and to collect rent from granaries and Market hall. It is the responsibility of the City of Oulu to maintain the infrastructure of the area as well as repair damages.

The following permits will be applied from Oulun Liikekeskus: 
- For cranes, containers or site huts of a construction site (for less than 2 weeks)
- Driving for maintenance reasons (outside maintenance hours 06-11 at Rotuaari)
- Usage of Stages
- Usage of Rotuaari Street area
- Giving out flyers or samples of commercial products / table place
- Selling balloons
- Setting a banderole (for events only)

A permit should be applied at least 7 days before the event / usage of the area by filling in the application form. To apply for a permit, please contact our office - or if possible, fill in the application form on our finnish site. Fees are also available from the office or on our site in finnish.